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RESCUE HOMES: Lessons from Murang’a

New to the country and eager to see and experience as much of Kenya as possible, when I was asked to visit Murang’a and more importantly, Rescue Homes, I jumped at the chance.

Murang’a and its infamous rolling green hills welcomed me with open arms.  Located in Central Province of Kenya, Murang’a is incredibly picturesque with varying altitudes and expansive farmlands including tea plantations.

Completely shielded by an overgrown garden, when our driver pulled up to the gate of the Rescue Homes’ pilot project, I didn’t know what to expect.

I wondered how many young pregnant girls found refuge at this property.  I wondered how they were finding their time in the rural side and completely secluded from city life.  I wondered if they would be willing to speak to a visitor like myself – someone from the media.  I wondered…

When I met the young mothers-to-be, I realized I had nothing to worry about.  Their smiles said it all: full of life and promise.


FETCHING WATER: A new appreciation

Fetching water in Murang’a, Kenya photographed by Susan Wong


During my visit to Rescue Homes, their water supply had unfortunately been disturbed due to nearby road construction.

The house mothers volunteered to go fetch water at the bottom of the property, me being the curious “muzungo” that I was, I followed suit.  I had no idea what a journey I was getting myself into…

Fetching water is hard work!  No joke.

Under the hot midday sun, the three of us grabbed some empty plastic containers and ripped pieces of textile down the steep and slippery hills of the tea plantation.

I was wearing running shoes and the other ladies were wearing frictionless flip-flops.  Now, how did I manage to slip and fall, whilst the other ladies walked on like soldiers is mind-boggling.

I’ll be the first to admit it – slipping and sliding down and then up the hill and then being asked if I needed help by ladies with 100lbs of water on their backs was downright embarrassing.

Be super sure that I’ve found a new appreciation for water!

That day, I vowed to never waste another drop of water again.


Susan Wong is a resident photographer, writer, radio presenter and full-time adventurer at Capital Group Ltd.


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