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#Travel and #Food journalist @SusanLuckyWong finally resurrects her blog The Bigger Picture

Dear Internet,

Today marks a very special day. A day worth remembering. A day worth sharing…with you.

I have finally realized that my prolonged hiatus from blogging has been a disservice to myself, my soul. I had a good thing going here. So many of you have messaged me with your encouraging comments despite my silence.

I will be the first to admit that I let “work” consume me and clearly, I’ve lost sight of my own equilibrium. Writing is cathartic, selfish – or what I know it as “Me Time” – and is an important ingredient to my inner balance. I hope it’s not too late to kick-start this blog again because aside from the many stories I’ve catalogued in my head, waiting to be shared with you; this whole blogging process will likely be more enjoyable for me than it will be for you.

Forgive me in advance if I offend anyone in any of my posts – believe me, that was never the intention. Inspired by the people I meet and the places I travel to, The Bigger Picture is a place where I share my thoughts and experiences, uncensored. This blog documents my personal journey of hopefully one day being able to see “The Bigger Picture” in every moment and everything I do.

Looking forward to reconnecting with you again!

Happy reading.


Happy reading.



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